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Scope, design and deliver technology stacks that drive improved user experiences.

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With over 25 years working deep in the heart of hospitality operations, we understand how confusing the plethora of new technology can be. With thousands of options and an ever changing landscape, how do you decide what tech is right for you?

We have supplied hundreds of owners and operators with advise as they research, select and implement their new technology. 

Your can trust us to guide you to your ‘Shangri-La’ (or whatever you utopic destination is called)!

a targeted approach

Technology Review Process for a rebranding property

Phase One

1 – 2 Months

Existing tech stack review

Who has ownership, what contracts are in place, create existing architecture diagram

Business Requirements Analysis (BRA)

Review of guest journey, guest experience, staff roles, company & brand objectives & strategy

Translation of BRA into system requirements

What software and hardware is required to deliver the business objectives, guest and staff experience

Phase Two

1 Month

Analysis of tech to be kept

Can cost savings be made on existing contracts, terms altered or functionality improved?

Analysis of additional tech required

What new tech is available? Can this be integrated with existing tech?

Proposal of tech stack to be implemented

Full recommendation report and system architecture diagram

Phase Three

1 – 2 Months

Assistance With Procuring New Technology

Introduction to vendors, assistance with contracting

Assistance With Implementing Tech Stack

Liaising with suppliers on configuration, training and delivery

Post Project Review

Review of full tech delivered in scope of project, timelines and performance

*Minimum Process Time Frame For Phase 2 & 3 is Two Months. Implementation Advised To Commence One To Two Months Prior To Systems Go Live.

don’t just take our word for it

Some of our past projects

Project Consultant

Project & Implementation Consultancy for large chain rollout for Mews.

Responsible for scoping and delivering the technology solutions and operational plan for the delivery of an enterprise client.

Implementation Project Consultant

The Hotel Force is an independent volunteer mentoring program, endeavoured by hospitality professionals in order to actively support independent hotels and b&bs by offering them free tailored advice.
We believe that such an effort can help lift up the motivation, giving the hoteliers enough strength and confidence to effectively take actions towards the recovery path.

It’s like they say “In the Crises, we are all in the same boat”.  If that is so, no one should be rowing alone. Let's do it together.


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