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Powerful guest and staff technology experiences, ‘techsperiences’, are critical to the success of your business. Revolutionise your Hospitality Technology Experience today!


Improving processes and systems to enhance the guest experience


I scope, design and deliver technology stacks that reduce costs, drive revenue and deliver effective ‘techsperiences’ for guests and staff. In other words, there is no better expert to consult when it comes to selecting the right tech stack for your business!


Understanding a technical solution is crucial when scoping and sourcing software for your business. As a result, I am soon launching tech reviews that solve specific industry challenges.




Building The Largest Online Database of Hospitality Tech

There are thousands of fantastic hospitality tech solutions on the market today, but how do you find the right one to suit your needs? Hospitality Tech Expert helps you understand which solution is right for you and saves you valuable time.

I speak to  the founders and CEOs of tech companies to document what problems their solution solves, record a demonstration of their solution and negotiate a great price for you.

My passion for technology and hospitality means as well as maintaining up-to-date knowledge of enhancements released by well-established key players in the market, I am always searching for new and innovative solutions.


Hospitality Tech Expert Leads You Through The Right Process To Procure Your Tech, Saving You Time And Money!


Curious About What People Say About Me & My Services?
I Am Too!


Ilse Kous – Managing Director – Mews

“Andrew is probably one of the most organised and structured people I know and he is able to carry out any project to perfection with little guidance.”

Dusan Kuzmanovic – Senior Hospitality Consultant and Project Manager  – Hotel Technology Management Ltd

“Andrew is knowledgeable, approachable and supportive. He possesses great IT hospitality systems knowledge and a unique skill for explaining these technical systems to those less technically oriented.”

Caroline Conaty – CEO – Hazlitt’s Ltd

“Andrew is very much a trusted advisor and expert in his field.”


Over 25 Years Of Experience In The Hospitality Industry

Hospitality 100%
Technology 100%
Excellence 100%

Andrew Wheal

“With a career in hospitality spanning more than 25 years and a passion for technology that works, I now possess a wealth of  knowledge.

Having worked on new hotel opening projects plus represented owners and operators from branded and non-branded properties, I understand the unique operational challenges of your operation. The right technology should seamlessly facilitate staff efforts and enhance the guest experience.

Most recently as Managing Director of Mews the Property Management System (PMS),  I have made connections with many of the industries top technology suppliers.

My goal is to ensure that your hospitality business is successful and future proof. This involves leveraging the power of technology available to improve the guest and staff experience whilst driving revenue and reducing cost.

When not immersed in Hospitality Tech, I enjoy a glass or two of red wine and I also DJ” – Andrew Wheal


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